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Home ownership is one of the most important of life’s steps to provide long-term shelter and equity, the process requiring a team of capable and trusted professionals. When it comes to home inspection, as a crucial phase to ensure that owning a property is not going to entail prohibitive repair costs, Justin Murcia is a most skilled professional to rely on. He started his career in the construction industry nearly two decades ago, having assumed consistently higher positions due to outstanding performance. Offering comprehensive industry knowledge and exceptional technical skills, he is an expert home inspector who establishes dedicated lines of communication and strong bonds of trust with each client. A consummate professional, he defines the parameters for each project, creates a timeline from start to conclusion, and delivers exactly as he promises in a timely manner while underscoring the highest quality of work.

How I differ from other home inspectors? Why you should choose me

You must understand the construction industry. The construction industry is so complex that it is necessary to separate it by trades, foundations, wood framing, plumbing, electrical, and more. Tradespeople will typically start in one area/ trade, and they will progress through that one trade throughout their careers. They will specialize and become an expert in that trade. Home inspectors typically do not start their career in the home inspection trade. The home inspector will most likely start in some area of construction and then transition into the home inspection. But the home inspection trade evaluates all areas/ trades of construction. So instead of needing someone who specializes in one area/ trade, you need someone who does not specialize in one area/ trade. The best home inspector for you is someone who has exceptionally varied work experience, education, and qualifications in the construction industry. This individual should have small amounts of knowledge, training, and skills in each area/ trade, not large amounts in one trade. This versatility will give the individual what they need to be a great home inspector. The reason you should choose me was due to a mistake I made in my construction career path. When I first started in construction, I was working as a maintenance person working at a health club. This position later evolved into the maintenance technician position, which allowed me to work on the exercise equipment, and along with that, I was making repairs to all the various areas of the commercial building, such as plumbing, electrical, and much more. This type of work is how I got involved in construction. After five years of working at this company, I decided that I wanted to get into a residential home building. I had the right amount of knowledge in the construction industry, but not enough specific expertise in one area of construction. Therefore, I had to start from the beginning as a laborer. I was mostly working on foundations, wood framing, and other general areas of residential home construction. After another five years, I had become a carpenter. I decided to leave this company and go to school. I realized how versatile my construction experience was. I also realized I was perfect for a home inspector. Even though I had a good career as a carpenter, and I was on my way to becoming a Foreman or construction manager, I decided to leave that company and start a career path in-home inspection. My work experience was still too versatile to specialize in one area of construction. So, I decided to get into the home inspection trade. I started to study home inspection and to get training in home inspection. As I progressed through various home inspection associations and schools, I had amassed an extreme amount of versatile knowledge in all areas of construction. The reason you should choose me as your home inspector is because I have an incredibly varied experience, education, and qualifications in all areas of construction. The versatility is the perfect condition to make an excellent home inspector, which makes me the most qualified person for you. I have worked for several different construction companies and have worked in many different areas of construction. I have an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Construction Technology and a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Construction Project Management. I have a General Building Contractors License in the State of California. The following are the areas/ trades of construction that I have direct work experience in underground drainage systems, retaining walls, foundations, rough wood framing, plumbing, electrical, roofing, sprinkler systems, pools and spas, cabinetry, HVAC (heating and cooling system), drywall, finish carpentry (doors, windows, etc.), and cosmetics (painting, texture, etc.). I have achieved several educational certificates from many different schools. I have also been a previous member of two home inspection associations. I am an active member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and a Master Certified Home Inspector. I have been a home inspector for over seven years, and I have completed over 2,400 home inspections to date with zero insurance claims. The following are educations certificates that I have achieved in the home inspection trade; NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspector’s); safe practices for a home inspector, the house as a system, inspecting means of egress, inspecting HVAC systems, Advanced HVAC training for inspectors, how to inspect the exterior, customer service, and communication, how to inspect the attic, insulation, ventilation, and interior, deck inspection, wood-destroying organism inspection, structural issues for home inspectors, performing a roof inspection training course, roof inspection, fundamentals-the exterior-part 2, energy movement for inspectors, building science and thermography, how to inspect pools and spas, inspection of crawlspaces, introduction to InterNACHI’s SOP (Standards of Practice), residential plumbing overview, inspecting water heater tanks, 25 standards every inspector should know, inspecting foundation walls, how to perform residential electrical inspections, and code of ethics for home inspectors certification. IAC2 (International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants); membership certificate, how to Inspect for moisture intrusion, mold inspection, and advanced mold inspection. CREIA (California Real Estate Inspector’s Association); roundtable meeting, certified CREIA exam, COA’s 2011 Inspection conference, and 2014 CREIA Spring conference. ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors); heating module, Insulation module, exterior module, electrical module, interior module, and cooling module, all completed within the ASHI smart track online education program. Career Web School; garages, exteriors, structural components, electrical, standard report form/ report writing, HVAC (heating and cooling system), roofing system, interiors, and plumbing. Ashworth University; the professional home inspection program; the inspection process, insects/ attics, sidings, doors, windows, roofs, foundations, decks, lots, landscape, garages, paved areas, basements, crawlspaces, electrical service, utility room appliances, introduction to HVAC systems, inspecting HVAC systems, air conditioning systems, kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing, energy and environment issues. High Sierra Education Services; structural pest control board approved technician course, and general safety, IPM, Laws, Pest, and termites for technician verifiable training. McKissok online continuing education; home inspection safety certificate, practical and successful reporting certificate, basic principles of a residential electrical inspection certificate, electrical service inspections certificate, and attic ventilation certificate.

Affiliates & Certificates

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  • Active member of International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
  • Active member and certified master inspector with the master inspector certification board – View certification
  • Licensed General Building Contractor with the Contractors State License Board #991226 – License Verification Link
  • Previous member of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) completion of 9 education certificates.
  • Previous member of CREIA (California Real Estate Inspectors Association) all necessary education credits up to date and in good standing.

Education & Training

ITT Technical Institute

CREIA (California real Estate Inspection Association)

NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors)

IAC2 (International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants)

ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors)

Career Web School

Ashworth University

High Sierra Education Services

Mckissock 5 Certificates